Painting the city


The project BizartCity finds its roots in a very personal way to look at cities around the world. Philippe Pons’ style is like a distorted view of reality with its pronounced perspectives, concave and convex lines and very bright colours surrounded by a black line, which are reminiscent of the craftsmanship of the Masters of medieval and Renaissance glassmaking.

Cities’ architecture dance in Philippe Pons’ paintings, embracing an extraordinary creativity that suits the painter’s personality. His caricatures-like portraits of cities are joyful creations in which everyone is welcomed to meander and get intoxicated on the lively colors.

Philippe Pons

Philippe PONS was born in 1962 in Sarlat (Dordogne, France). After completing his studies at the Beaux-Arts School of Toulouse he graduated with the National Superior Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNSEP) in 1985 with Distinction. He pursued his artistic training at the Sorbonne University in Paris where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in visual arts.
For thirty years now Philippe Pons has been developing his own style as an expressionist painter, inspired by the German Russian and Scandinavian Schools of paintings from the early and second half of the 20th Century.